Chad's Ultimate Organic Chemistry Review

A Comprehensive Review of a Full Year of Organic Chemistry | taught by Chad McAllister
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Course Curriculum

Chapter 6 - Introduction to Organic Reactions
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Chapter 10 - Substitution Reactions (Reactions of Alkyl Halides Part 1)
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Chapter 22 - Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions (Less Common Organometallics)
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Course description

If you are struggling with organic chemistry then you have come to the right place! Chad has been teaching chemistry for close to 20 years and incorporates helpful analogies and humor into his lectures making organic chemistry both understandable and enjoyable. This course contains a comprehensive set of video lectures, outlines, and quizzes covering two semesters of university organic chemistry. This course will also benefit students who are studying for the GRE chemistry subject test.

-Over 22 hours of video lectures

-A 75-page set of outlines

-Numerous Quizzes and 3 practice final exams

-Over 750 practice questions in total (with detailed solutions)

The outlines and the first three chapters (and any other lessons marked free) are included with the 30-day free trial.

*Standard subscription is for 30 days

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Chad McAllister
Chad McAllister

Chad manages the Chemistry and Biochemistry Learning Resource Center in PSH-137.

Reviews (36)

by Amanda Costello


by Abram Solano
The material covered is well presented and thoroughly explained. One thing I would like to see is maybe explanations for each question given.

by Nhat Nguyen
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by Amanda Costello


by Abram Solano
The material covered is well presented and thoroughly explained. One thing I would like to see is maybe explanations for each question given.

by Nhat Nguyen

Organic chem

by melika mahboobi
I really like the way chad teach each chapter and the quizzes for each section really helps me to understand and challenges my learnings.

by Anthony Ton


by Monica Nessim

Comprehensive review

by Rose Liou
Great review for anyone need a refresher in Ochem.


by paige willett
i have my first orgo test in a few days and i would be so lost if it weren't for these videos. i had no clue how to do chair flips and Newman projections until i watched these videos

Great Ochem Review!!

by Kathleen Phan
Hi Chad! Your ultimate ochem series is amazing! I truly would not change anything about it. I also really love the worksheets that come with it. My only suggestion would be to add more space to the worksheets for notes.

Organic Chem with Chad

by Sydney Finster
One of the best (if not the best) professors I have learned from. Highly recommend this course to learn and actually understand the material. If that doesn't convince you then sign up just to see his t-shirts! :p

by Perry Wiseman

by ali javaheri

An Answer to Prayer

by Katherine Saaid
This course has been a phenomenal help! The way you explain the concepts makes them easy to understand and remember because your goal is understanding. The many examples throughout the lecture helps solidify the concepts, as do the practice questions. Although Organic Chem is a subject that tends to fly over my head (and at least a few others), you do well in not making it complicated, but rather simplify it and ease students in understanding this foreign language. In terms of function and aesthetics, the website is great! Une grande aide! Much thanks!

Super Helpful!

by Jacqueline Hartono
This course makes learning Organic Chemistry so much easier! He makes everything so much easier and memorable so that you can learn so much faster

by James Smith

by Patrick Wimonsri

Love this course!

by Justin Anigbo
Super helpful!

by Jordan Vu Ha

Ochem Review

by Ellilta Mezgebu
Loved it, super helpful! Just wish you put up the handouts that you refer to in the videos so we could keep up with it!

by Alec Grabinski

by Kanisha Smith

by Ariana Sync

by Rumeesa Rais

god bless

by John Paul Sayre
you and whoever bestowed this knowledge upon you


by Aida Rassam
I owe it all to you Chad! the material is explained so so well! I love watching these videos before going to lecture as well as watching them to clear up a lot of the concepts covered in the textbook assigned to me.


by Uyen Ha
I couldn't ask for a better study resource for general and organic chemistry. Believe me I took these two courses with the best professor at my university and I got straight A+ in both courses. Chad's videos are very clear, straightforward, and informative. His lectures are professional but super easy to follow and understand along with the help from the chat forum. However if you want a quick respond from him, I suggest you to send him an email. He would try his best to help you fully understand the materials. I highly recommend you buy a subscription, which is super cheap comparing to other resources, to help you practice after each videos. I find it very helpful.


by Onalee Sortino
I learned more from watching Chad's videos and doing his review quizzes than I ever have from other review sites/ books. He explains things in such a way that they just "click."

by Richard Finkelstein

by Lina Zhelyayeva

by Tien Tran

by Jasmine Luke
You are a lifesaver. If I become a dentist it is because of you! Please add these videos if you could in the future: Proteins and Amino Acids Carbohydrates Lipids and Nucleic Acids

Best Explanation

by navid azizi
Thank you Chad

Organic Chem. Review

Best lectures ever. Very good summarization.

by Umar Mian

Helped me pass Chemistry

by Clark Weinberger
Chad is by far the best teacher I've met for Chemistry. He takes complicated material and explains them in funny and simple ways so that they can be easily understood. In Chad's Ultimate Organic Chemistry Review it's nicely set up so that you can pick the area that you may be struggling with and watch awesome videos that clearly explain and teach the material better than any teacher I've ever had could. After the videos there are helpful quizzes for practice with explanations for why the correct answer is what it is. If you need help in just about any portion of Chemistry, there is no better choice than Chad.


by Paul Mamakos
I use this course to watch as my organic chem professor covers a new chapter. Chad does a good job at making the material more interesting and clear for me.