Basic General Chemistry Review

Video Lectures Only | taught by Chad McAllister
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Chad McAllister
Chad McAllister

About the instructor

Chad has been instructing science and pre-health students for close to two decades.  He is continuously revising his lectures and practice materials to give the most efficient presentation of the material and to maximize student understanding.

If you are struggling with general chemistry then you have come to the right place! Chad has been helping chemistry students at ASU for close to 20 years and incorporates helpful analogies and humor into his lectures making chemistry both understandable and enjoyable. This course contains a comprehensive set of video lectures, outlines, and quizzes covering the curriculum covered in CHM 113/116 or CHM 114. CHM 101 students will also find the material helpful but will not use every chapter covered.  

-Over 20 hours of video lectures

-A 65-page set of outlines

-Over 80 Quizzes

-Over 500 screen-recorded solutions

-Over 600 practice questions in total with detailed written solutions

Course Contents

19 Quizzes
92 Texts

Course Curriculum

Chapter 11 - Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, and Solids