Elementary Biochemistry

A Review for a 1-semester survey course in Biochemistry | taught by Chad McAllister
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Course Curriculum

Chapter 6 - Bioenergetics
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Chapter 9 - The Citric Acid Cycle
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Course description

A comprehensive set of video lectures and outlines for a one semester survey course of biochemistry.

-10 hours of video lectures

-A 30-page set of outlines

-Practice Questions coming soon!

-Course is half-price until I finish building it out

*Standard subscription is for 30 days

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Chad McAllister
Chad McAllister

Chad has been instructing science and pre-health students for close to two decades.  He is continuously revising his lectures and practice materials to give the most efficient presentation of the material and to maximize student understanding.

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by Umar Mian

by Umar Mian